What Do Shaved Softball and Baseball Bats Sound Like?

Mar 21st 2020

best softball bats

Baseball initially started out in the U.S., but has since spread across the globe. Now, more than 100 countries are part of the International Baseball Federation. Though football, basketball, and soccer are quite popular, baseball is still considered to be "America's pastime." Every year, over 36 million kids play organized sports -- and baseball and softball is at the top of the list.

There is something about taking the field with eight or nine of your best friends, giving everything you can every game, every inning, and every pitch. Defense is wonderful, but there is nothing like the sweet sound of the ball hitting the bat, and watching it fly into the air.

The best softball bats and baseball bats truly make a difference in the batter's box. And the best softball bats are shaved softball bats. Shaved softball bats and shaved baseball bats can give you enough power to crush any passed the infield and out of the park -- and the sound is a clear giveaway.

If you know what you're listening for, you can identify the best softball bats at the park. A composite bat sounds hollow and deep; almost like a large rock was dropped into a well, splashing the water at the bottom. Shaved bats, on the other hand, though have a similar sound, leave much more to the ear.

Two of the exact same bats can have drastically different production if one underwent shaving. Keep in mind, for a bat to be effective, it needs to have been shaved by professionals and not just anyone with some tools. Shaved bats are much lighter, providing you with excellent bat speed and increased distance.

It's important to note that shaved bats are illegal in the majority of baseball and softball leagues. But if you want to have some fun with your friends and win your weekly home run derby contest -- shaved bats are perfect. If you want to learn more about bat shaving and find some quality shaved softball bats for sale, give Gorilla Bats a call right away.