• Aluminum / Alloy - These bats are “hot out of the wrapper” and can be used in game play right away. Shaving these bats is NOT necessary as this process thins the alloy to allow it to be bendable. There is no benefit at all to shaving or rolling these bats – it does absolutely nothing to improve performance
  • Composite - Composite bats do require a break-in period. We recommend shaving and rolling these bats to give you the highest amount of performance right out of the wrapper. You can pick the shave spec you feel is suitable for your needs or simply call us for a recommendation suitable for your bat(s)
  • Rolling - is the process of compressing a composite bat between two rollers to accelerate the break-in period. We recommend this as a simple break-in while keeping the longevity and durability of the bat. The rolling process is not noticeable at all. There is no way anyone can tell your bat was rolled
  • Shaving - is the removal of the bat's end-cap and then shaving the insides of the bat walls to make the them thinner. This process will add between 40-60+ feet depending on the specific gorilla spec you choose. Click here to view gorilla specs


How long will my bat last being shaved and rolled? 

There are too many factors that determine the answer. It all comes down to what kind of bat it is, the size of the hitter, age, how much the bat is used, if it is used properly, the shaving spec, etc. 

Tips for longevity of your bat

We at Gorilla Bats do not guarantee that a bat will last a specific amount of time or for a specific number of seasons because there are so many variables. The most important ones are as follows:

  • Do not use in temperatures below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Limit the bat to individual use only
  • Do not use a shaved bat for batting practice - you are just wasting swings 
  • Do not store the bat in extremely hot or cold temperature areas
  • Do not use the bat to hit the dirt off of your metal cleats
  • Use the correct regulation leather covered baseballs and softballs

Will anyone know if my bat is shaved and/or rolled? 

No. The only way for anyone to know if a bat is shaved is to actually open the bat up and look inside the barrel OR if you simply tell them. There is no other way other than that. You might hear a sound difference, however, someone would have to open the bat up to truly know. A rolled bat has zero markings or indications the bat was rolled. Same as a shaved bat, unless you tell, there is no evidence. 


Do I need a balanced or end-loaded bat?

  • Balanced bats will have their weight evenly distributed throughout the entire length of the bat. This type of bat is geared more towards your average player with average or slower bat speeds
  • End-loaded bats have a portion of their weight focused towards the end of the barrel. These bats are geared more towards your power hitters that are looking to hit for the fence
  • Once your bat is shaved and rolled, Gorilla Bats will add the weight back into your bat as required 


When will my bat ship? 

  • Standard turn around on all orders is 2-3 business days with the bat shipping the next day. This means, 2-3 days for us to process your order, perform the work requested, and then ship back to you. This DOES NOT include weekends. 
  • During busy season (February - July) bats will have a longer turn around time so please allow 4-5 business days to fully process the order. 
  • Bats will ship the day after because they have to set up in a clamp for at least 12 hours to ensure proper adhesion.  
  •  If you choose, we are now offering a 1 day turn around option.  The fee for this is $40 / order. 
  • All orders are updated online when shipped and you will see tracking information when you login. PLEASE check your tracking number! 

 ** We do our best to get these bats shipped in a timely manner. Please be patient with us and allow us the allotted timeframe to do so. 



Our Company: What makes us different from the rest? 

Well, to sum this up:

1. We answer our phone. If, for any reason you are unable to get a hold of us you will receive a call back from us fairly quickly

2. We provide you with honest answers and recommendations 

3. Our service and dedication to your bat is precise and reliable 

4. We are confident in ourselves that we have the best outcomes of shaved and rolled bats out there

5. We will fix your bat for free if the cap breaks or there is loose glue in the barrel. This sometimes does happen but it is an easy and quick fix 

6. We will not try to convince you to buy a bat from us. There is no haggling or persuading. If you want it  bad enough, you'll buy it