Play Ball! Rolled and Shaved Softball Bats

Mar 21st 2020

Play Ball! Rolled and Shaved Softball Bats

Play ball! And when you play softball, especially, are you looking to add some length and strength to your game? Then it’s time to look at shaved and rolled softball bats for sale. Here’s a look at baseball bats, with four aspects about rolled and shaved softball bats and a look at how the impact they have on your game. Do they give you better performance? Does using them add distance and velocity to your game?

  1. Home Runs: Shaved bats add, on average, about 40 feet of distance to a swing. Using a shaved bat during a home run derby, for instance, can add distance and help win the competition. Just imagine what would happen when playing with with shaved softball bats slow pitch!
  2. Slow Pitch: Most of the time, shaved softball bats slow pitch are the bats that are getting the greatest use. It is a fact that at its peak, a baseball bat reaches traveling speeds of up to 80 miles an hour during the swing. Rolled bats are also used to increase performance.
  3. Sweet Spot: Shaved softball bats slow pitch allow the hitter to find the sweet spot immediately because it is much larger than a stock bat. It also gives the batter complete control. The third factor is that the impact is much more blunt with shaved softball bats slow pitch.
  4. Breaking In a Softball Bat: There are lots of theories about how to break in a softball bat correctly. But certain types of softball bats slow pitch may not need to be broken at all. It’s important to be sure that you need to break your bat in. if you do decide to go ahead with breaking in your bat, be sure to use a batting tee, and hit dozens of short lobs. Most importantly, only use high quality softballs made of real leather.

One thing to remember, of course, is that shaved bats are not used in practice. They are strictly for use during the game. Athletes who enjoy playing softball, or who are in an adult league, can benefit a lot from using the best softball bats. The aftermarket is a specialty niche which offers a good variety of options.

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