MLB: Top 6 Standout Home Run Hitters (Some Will Surprise You)

MLB: Top 6 Standout Home Run Hitters (Some Will Surprise You)

Don't listen to the naysayers: Major League Baseball is in a great place right now. Though there are plenty of people out there who claim baseball is boring, it's actually more exciting than ever. Sure, players are striking out more than ever before, but they are hitting the ball harder, farther, and over the fence more often than ever before. 

Though rolled and shaved bats can help players increase their power, today's MLB stars don't need rolled bats to hit the ball over the fence.

Here are some of the standout home run hitters for the 2018 MLB season:

American League

  • Giancarlo Stanton -- In his Yankee debut, following his NL MVP season last year, Stanton has not disappointed. He struggled at first, sure, but who wouldn't during their first few weeks as a New York Yankee coming off such an amazing season? Stanton is hitting near .290 and already hit 30 home runs. During a swing, a baseball bat can travel up to 80 MPH at its peak. Stanton is shattering records this year, striking the hardest hit baseball of all time just a few weeks ago.

  • J.D. Martinez -- Martinez is the epitome of an American League Designated Hitter. He's leading all of baseball in home runs with 37 and is one of the main reasons the Red Sox are an unbelievable 85 and 35 as of August 14th.

  • Jose Ramirez -- Ramirez was once one of the most underrated players in the league, but not anymore. Everyone is fully aware of how terrific he is and he seemingly is getting better and better. He's only 25 years old, and this season he already has 35 home runs, 87 runs batted in, and 27 stolen bases. Wow.

National League

  • Matt Carpenter -- The NL leader in home runs isn't Bryce Harper or Paul Goldschmidt or Kyle Schwarber. It's not any of those gigantic and strong players. The NL home run leader is 32-year-old Matt Carpenter. Carp has hit 33 home runs so far this year and has been unbelievable since the MLB All-Star break. He doesn't need rolled bats to crush the ball... he doesn't even need batting gloves.

  • Jesus Aguilar -- Aguilar only has 45 home runs throughout his MLB career. But he has 29 of them this year. Along with 87 RBIs, he's the main reason the Brewers are doing well this year. And he's not done yet.

  • Bryce Harper -- Harper might be hitting only .236, but he's been doing better, still getting on base a ton -- he's second in walks in the entire MLB -- and he's still crushing the ball. He has 29 home runs this year and could easily go on a tear and reach 40 or more over the next few weeks.

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Mar 21st 2020

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