Improve Your Softball Game With These 3 Great Tips

Improve Your Softball Game With These 3 Great Tips

We’re only a few weeks away from pitchers and catching reporting for Major League Baseball, and that means that adult softball leagues are set to begin as well. If you're tired of batting ninth, playing only an inning or two in right field, and losing most of the games your team plays, it's time to start improving your skills.

Here are some great ways to improve your softball game for the upcoming season:

  • Get some juiced softball bats -- Before you start practicing your swing, you might want to ditch that old bat that you've been using for the last few years. A lower quality bat only has a handful of solid hits in it before it becomes obsolete. And if you and your teammates have been taking cuts with it for years, it's almost certainly going to give you problems this season. Juiced bats, however, can give you that edge that you've been looking for and significantly increase your power. Simply contact a trusted organization that provides bat rolling and shaving services (because shaved baseball bats work well, too) and you'll be on your way to crushing the ball.

  • Head to the cages -- The chances of hitting a home run are much great when you hit the ball at the bat's sweet spot. This spot is found between five and seven inches from the barrel end of the bat and can really put some distance on the ball. Taking your juiced softball bats to the cages and working on finding that perfect sweet spot is an excellent way to improve your swing and rack up those home runs.

  • Cut those unhealthy habits -- In addition to gearing up and strengthening your seeing, you need to get as healthy as possible to really perform like an all-star. Start eating healthier, get to the gym, and cut out all those unhealthy habits that are hindering your performance. No smoking, cut way down on drinking, and start going to sleep at a reasonable time.

If you want to find out more about improving your swing or check out some quality juiced softball bats, contact Gorilla Bats today and good luck next season!

Mar 21st 2020

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