Hitting the Ball Like the Pros: Where to Buy a Shaved Bat

During a swing, a baseball bat can travel up to 80 miles per hour at its peak. At thing swing speed, when the bat connects with the ball it can do some serious damage on the baseball diamond. These are the swings that burst passed infielders and either roll all the way to the wall or, for players with a bit more power, can completely clear the fence.

In today's MLB, though not as many balls are being hit in play, there are a lot more balls going over fences in ballparks across the U.S. (and Canada).

Perhaps two of the most coveted MLB free agents over the last few years have been Manny Machado and Bryce Harper. As of February 19, Machado is off the market for the low price of $300 million. He's now the highest paid free agent in not just baseball, but all of North American major sports. Machado will take the field for the San Diego Padres for the next 10 years, barring a 5th year opt out option. $300 million... not bad. For comparison, San Diego had spent a combined $309 million in free agency over the previous 25 seasons.

Both Harper and Machado are 26-year-old power hitters that will help any team boost their home run totals. These two players are professionals and are at the very top of their class. For all the baseball players across the U.S. in lower levels (high school, Little League, etc.), it's not as easy to hit home runs and extra base hits as it is for MLB stars. That's where shaved baseball bats come into play.

Where can you buy shaved baseball bats?

Though shaving a softball bat or a baseball bat is frowned upon and even illegal in some leagues, there are several leagues, derby's, exhibitions, and showcases that allow shaved bats. Even the 2018 College World Series Home Run Derby allowed participants to use shaved bats for that extra power.

The best way to find quality shaved bats is to simply do a little research online and head to Google. As long as you know what you're looking for, you'll be able to find hot baseball and softball bats that will send balls flying in the appropriate league.

If you want to find high-quality shaved baseball bats yourself and work with experienced bat rolling and shaving services, give Gorilla Bats a call right away.

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