Don't Waste the Winter: Improve Your Baseball Swing With These 3 Tips

Don't Waste the Winter: Improve Your Baseball Swing With These 3 Tips

No more strikeouts. No more weak pop ups. No more grounding out to the short stop every single time. It’s time to swing like the pros.

The pros of your beer league softball, of course.

People love playing softball. In fact, in the spring of 2016, roughly 13.4 million people played in the United States.

Recreational softball can be a lot of fun, but it can still have some incredibly competitive moments. Hopefully you’re not the teammate who is constantly barking orders and yelling at someone for messing up on accident. No one wants to be that person. But you definitely don’t want to be the guy or girl who bats last every game, plays an inning or two in right field, and is forgotten about on the way to the bar afterwards.

There is a fine line between being the worst player and being the worst person, but you can do it.

If you do the following things over the winter, you’ll be ready to really turn some heads next summer once you step up to the plate.

Work out and eat right
It's not like adult softball leagues are known for their world class athletes or anything, but taking care of your body can actually make a big difference. Don't just sit around and be a couch potato all winter -- get out and get active. Do a few push-ups each day to work on your strength, ditch the unhealthy snacks and start eating better, and maybe go for a run. Too much? Okay... go for a light jog. If nothing else, the confidence that comes from working out and eating right will give you a boost whenever you pick up that softball bat.

Make the switch to shaved softball bats
Shaved and rolled bats can really give you that extra boost for a more powerful swing. You don't have to announce to your entire team that you're using shaved softball bats, but they'll all see the difference once you start turning those measly singles into doubles and triples. Softball shaved bats can really help you take that next step in improving your game, and the time is now. 

Hit the cages as much as possible
You can doctor your bat and get as buff as you want, but you'll never improve your game if you don't actually practice. There are plenty of indoor batting cages open throughout the winter -- so get out as much as you can and work on your swing. Make sure you're not using your shaved bat in the cages, though. 

If you're already excited for next year's softball season to start, think about how much fun you'll have once you're a better player. It's time to improve your game. For high quality shaved softball bats, contact Gorilla Bats.

Mar 21st 2020

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