3 Great Tips For Getting Excited About Playing Baseball

3 Great Tips For Getting Excited About Playing Baseball

The weather has been so poor this year that four or five Major League Baseball games are postponed or canceled each day. Don't let the bad weather discourage your children, though, because their ball season is right around the corner and it's time to start getting excited about playing America's favorite sport. 

Over 36 million kids across the United States play organized sports each year and baseball is one of the most popular. Unfortunately, with the MLB season off to a slow start due to consistent weather issues, the majority of American children aren't exactly excited about taking the field and playing ball once again.

That's where you come in as a parent.

It's your job to get your kids fired up about baseball so they can have the most fun on the field as possible. Here are some excellent tips for getting your children pumped up about playing baseball once again:

  • Bring up some YouTube highlights -- Maybe your child's favorite baseball team isn't playing all that well or at all thanks to the bad weather. That's all right because YouTube can help you show highlights from back in the day. If your child is a short stop, play them some highlights of The Wizard, Ozzie Smith. If they're a pitcher, show them some clips of how dominant Jennie Finch was in the Olympics. It's easy to get your kids motivated to play ball with all the amazing clips that are available.

  • Get some rolled Easton baseball bats -- There is nothing like unwrapping a brand-new rolled baseball bat. Baseball bats look cooler than ever nowadays and thanks to bat shaving and rolling, they are essentially home run machines.

  • Hit up the cages -- All it takes is one swing to get back into the feel of things. Bring your baseball player to the batting cages and let them take a few cuts. Once they start smacking the ball again, they'll remember exactly why they love this great sport. If you are serious about getting your kids excited about baseball, take them to the cages with those new rolled Easton baseball bats.

  • Don't let this bad weather ruin the upcoming ball season -- it's time to get your kids excited to play the greatest game on the planet! If you want to find high quality rolled Easton baseball bats or check out some rolled or shaved softball bats for sale, give Gorilla Bats a call right away. 
Mar 21st 2020

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