3 Amazing Technological Advantages Of Rolled DeMarini Baseball Bats

Mar 21st 2020

3 Amazing Technological Advantages Of Rolled DeMarini Baseball Bats

DeMarini bats take the worldwide game of baseball to a whole new level. The brand makes both fastpitch and slowpitch bats with loads of power and technology. No matter which of the 100 countries of the International Baseball Federation you play in, you’ll be able to improve your performance and smash that ball greater distances than ever before. Here are three amazing technological advantages that rolled DeMarini baseball bats can provide.


Rolled DeMarini baseball bats feature a 3-Fusion taper piece that redistributes weight. It takes the weight from one part of the bat and moves it either towards the hands for balance or in the end cap to provide end-loaded mass. This gives it a better overall performance because of its lower Moment of Inertia count. Negative vibrational feedback is also greatly reduced to produce more power in your hit. Since these are rolled bats, they are already broken in and ready to swing.

Paraflex Composite

Rolled DeMarini bats are made with Paraflex Composite, which is an incredibly durable material that helps deliver an amazing crack sound or pop when it strikes the ball. It also helps deliver better weight distribution, reduces vibration, and increases swing speed. The material also gives these rolled baseball bats a larger sweet spot to work with. The composite is 22% stronger than other composites and works together with the 3-Fusion technology to deliver the ultimate balance and performance.

Adjustable On Demand Knob

Newer rolled DeMarini baseball bats also feature an Adjustable On Demand knob that helps prevent players from choking up. Choking up causes you to lose power in your swing. Because your hands are away from the knob when you choke up, you also lose control over your swing. This knob helps you bring back that power and control by providing a way to make in-game adjustments to lengthen or shorten your bat as needed. It can provide up to three different bat lengths and is suitable for players of any age.

You can step up your game tremendously with the technological benefits that these rolled DeMarini baseball bats provide. You can improve your swing, increase your power, and make that ball fly farther than ever before. When looking for rolled baseball bats for sale, choosing these bats to use four your game practice is definitely a home run!