Shaving & Rolling -Mail in services

Shaving & Rolling -Mail in services

Shaved baseball, softball and fastpitch bats are our specialties.  We offer many different shaving specs and options to fit your exact hitting desires. When choosing any shaving spec please DO NOT use these bats for batting practice as the bat will not last as long as you'd like it to. These bats are for game use only. Click here for more tips for longevity of your bat. 


This is the middle of the spectrum shave and roll.  Will be approximately 60% broken in when pulled out of the wrapper and will need some swings to break in.  We suggest this spec for team use or anyone looking for the best durability and longevity.  Average distance gains are in the 40-50 ft range.


This is a slightly heavier bat shaving service than standard with a heavier roll.  The bat will be 75% broken in when you pull it out of the wrapper.  We do not suggest this shaving spec when used as a team bat if you would like it to last.  Will need some swings to break in completely.  Average distance gains are 50 ft. 


Shaving a bat to this spec is for those who want maximum performance within the "normal spectrum".  Durability is somewhat compromised. All bats shaved to this spec will develop webbing within a few swings and should be 85% broken in straight out of the wrapper.  This will be a hard bat to put down and suggest limiting its use if you would like it to last.  Don't be afraid to swing it by any means, just understand the bat is very thin.  Average distance gains are 50-60ft+.



If you are mailing in a bat, wanting to send in your bat to be rolled, or sending your bat in for a D-Zen service please follow the instructions below: 

1. Put your order number with the bat

2. Mail your bat to:       


13194 US HWY 301 S.



3. Please check your tracking number to trace your bat for shipping and delivery results

4. Turn around time is the amount of time it takes to process your bat PLUS your shipping time






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