2022 Easton ADV 2PC Composite 2 5/8” (-5) USA Baseball Bat

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Shaved and Rolled 2022 Easton ADV 2PC Composite 2 5/8” (-5) USA Baseball Bat

  • aunch Comp™ Technology – Delivers a bigger barrel contour with a massive sweet spot, combined with high performance straight out of the wrapper 
  • iSo 2-Piece CXN™ – Isolates the handle from the barrel, using Nitrocell™ foam to reduce vibration, while creating a stiff feel to transfer more energy back into the ball at contact 
  • Power Boost™ “Soft Knob” Technology – Provides hitters with more leverage, while reducing vibration and improving comfort for the bottom hand 
  • DFS™ Carbon Handle – Dynamic Feel System,™ a stiff composite handle design, gives a more solid feel at contact with zero vibration 
  • Speed Cap™ provides a more flexible and responsive barrel 
  • Flow-Tack™ Grip – Easton’s most premium grip provides the ultimate combination of cushion and tack in a tri-color design
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