Bat Rolling & Bat Shaving Services

Bat Rolling & Bat Shaving Services

At Gorilla Bats, we are dedicated to enhancing your baseball and softball abilities, which is why we offer bat rolling and shaving services.

Gorilla Bats offers 4 shaving specs for you to choose from.  We have shaved 1,000's of bats and have developed a custom tune for nearly every model out there.  Keep in mind every bat is different so we cannot generalize how much we remove per specification, but we can describe the ending result. A shaved bat can help your performance in the long run, so we want to be sure that we’re doing it to your liking. The comments below are tailored more to new in wrapper bats.  Bats that are mailed in used, we fully evaluate before performing the service.  A lot of times customers do not know the bat is already shaved or the bat is broken down internally.  For those instances where we do not feel comfortable shaving the bat to the requested spec, we will contact you to discuss best options.



This service will give you performance and durability and will be approximately 50% broken in when pulled out of the wrapper and will need some swings to break in.  We suggest this shave for team use or anyone looking for the best durability and longevity.  Average distance gains are in the 40-50 ft range.  For most Demarini baseball I suggest this for optimum performance and durability for -10/8 sizes.  



This is a more aggressive bat shaving service than basic with a heavier roll.  The bat will be 75% broken in when you pull it out of the wrapper.  We do not suggest this shaving spec when used as a team bat if you would like it to last.  Will need some swings to break in completely.  Average distance gains are 50 ft. I strongly suggest this service for BBCOR AND USA bats to see optimal performance.  Also with this spec I suggest zero Bp or soft toss if you are wanting the bat to last a while. 



Shaving a bat to this spec is for those who want maximum performance within the "normal spectrum".  Durability is somewhat compromised. All bats shaved to this spec will develop webbing within a few swings and should be 85% broken in straight out of the wrapper.  This will be a hard bat to put down and suggest limiting its use if you would like it to last.  Don't be afraid to swing it by any means, just understand the bat is very thin.  Average distance gains are 50-60ft. 



The King Kong Spec is our top of the line shave and roll.   These bats will come fully broken in and will need very little swings for it to stand up completely.  The specs have been tested personally and will last 50-100 swings or less. I strongly suggest these spec for showcases or derbys only, but the ball will absolutely be crushed.  Average distance gains 60+ft.  Again this is NOT a durable spec at all and bat durability is minimal. 



Feel free to contact us should you have any questions on what shaving spec you should go with.  

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