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Shaved Miken Freak Platinum is the HOTTEST ASA Bat


The Freak is back and better than ever featuring Miken's new TETRA-CORE ASA technology.  Basically, there is a inner sleeve that slides out of the bat the outside walls flex to.  This allows for greater wall flex which is needed for the 52/300 mush balls.  These bats come HOT straight out of the wrapper and will easily see 40-60ft with a shave and roll.  Durability, like all Mikens, is very good.   If you want the best performance out of this bat order a BASIC shave and roll with polymer.  Shaved and rolled Freak Platinum ASA is extremely HOT!!

  • Breakthrough TETRA-CORE TECHNOLOGY optimizes performance by utilizing an inner core tube, increasing compression for unmatched responsiveness. The outer core layering provides increased flex allowing the inner core tube to maximize sweetspot and durability.
  • SENSI-FLEX maximizes energy transfer from handle to barrel increasing bat head speed through the hitting zone while eliminating vibration.
  • 100 COMP™ is the revolutionary formula that changed the game and introduced certified Miken® High performance equipment. This product is engineered utilizing 100% premium aerospace grade fiber to deliver Miken's legendary performance and durability.
  • Made in USA
  • 14" Maxload Barrel

Shaved Freak Platinum HOT

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3 Reviews

Matthew Posvar Aug 8th 2017

Miken Freak 2017 Platinum ASA Maxload Bat

What a great bat! I can't believe the pop and distance it gets in its factory form out of the wrapper. When it gets fully broken in it will be a monster! The team loves it! Customer service was superb and I look forward to ordering again soon.

Rick Zalewski Jun 18th 2017

Miken 2017 Freak Platinum Bat

Miken 2017 Freak Platinum ASA Maxload Bat I am really pleased with my purchase of the Miken 2017 Freak Platinum ASA Maxload bat and the prompt delivery. My wife tells me that it’s not the bat that makes the hitter but the hitter. I believe she is wrong. Since I received my Miken 2017 Freak Platinum bat I’ve been hitting the ball farther than I have ever hit the ball before. I have been getting compliments from my team mates on my hitting ability and was moved up in the batting order of my softball team. This Miken 2107 Freak Platinum bat is “hot” right out of the wrapper. I just can’t believe that it’s the hitter and not the bat, maybe it’s a little of both.

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