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The 2017 Super Z ASA / USSSA End Load is the replacement for the Z2000 from previous years.  Although the bat is 2 piece, LS has really stiffened up the connection to make it less whippy and feel more like a 1 piece bat.  Has the new grit blast finish to facilitate ball spin for extra distance.  Responds very well to a shave and roll like with other LS products.  To get MAX results, we suggest removing the collar during install, but note the sound will change.  We do suggest adding the poly coat for this product at any shave level. 

2-Piece Bat Construction
100% Spring Recoil Composite Design
iST Xstiff Technology
S1iD Technology
Friction Blast Barrel Finish
End Loaded Swing Weight
7/8" Tapered Handle
12" Barrel Length
2 1/4" Barrel Diameter
Approval Stamps: ASA, 1.20 BPF USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF

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